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Accessible Waters is a family run, Alberta registered non-profit organization.

Please see below how you might be able to support our initiatives.


Make a Donation

We recognize that some people with disability and mobility challenges may also be faced with added financial limitations and fixed income.


Supporters may consider making a donation towards some of our operational costs (boat and truck maintenance, fuel etc) which will help to ensure our pricing remains accessible. 


Or consider sponsoring a trip for a family or community member through a local accessibility service organization by purchasing a Gift Certificate. 

For more information or to pledge your support, contact us. 

Raise Awareness

Throughout our journey of setting up Accessible Waters we contacted several well established accessibility organizations and advocates in the province for guidance and feedback on our vision. Our clients and these service groups have taught us so much about the barriers faced by individuals living with disability and how best we can support them.  In  our engagements with municipalities, community stakeholders and other organizations, we continue to try and lend our voice to ensure consideration is made for accessibility needs and to make our public spaces and recreation inclusive for all. 

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